Amazing Group Tour

    I had a great group recently. They experienced some great stuff while ghost hunting in the Haight. They wanted me to join them at the haunted bar but I had a paranormal case I need to get to. Sometimes I think how blessed I am to teach people how to ghost hunt and to actually investigate with folks in a proper way.  They wanted to talk about the Ghosts of Alcatraz.  They said it would be great for them to do a Alcatraz Ghost Tour.  I explained they don't have one. They were surprised. I was not. They don't talk a lot about the ghosts there.  I asked them now that I showed them how to ghost hunt, would they want to ghost hunt all the time? Some said if they could ghost hunt like they do on TV.   Ghost hunting can be boring too. Somedays it happens and other days you get nothing. It is that 10% that is real ghosts. 


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