Happy Halloween From Haunted Haight | Tonight we are ghost hunting!

    This has been an amazing year. I cannot believe that it is Halloween already. We have a nice group tonight and we have some new ghost hunting tools I will be introducing. I think showing people how to properly use ghost hunting tools is so important.  I worry sometimes if there may be tours that just run around with tools and really don't understand them. I have been seeing that in other cities when I go on ghost tours. People run around with dowsing rods and try to make people think there are ghosts. I am happy with my tour you really can understand how to be a ghost hunter in San Francisco. If you want to come on the tour, I can show you properly how to use this stuff. I think people need to be careful to just ghost hunt on a ghost tour in San Francisco without a professionally trained  ghost hunter. This is not a joke. When you deal in other realms, be respectful. 


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