• Amazing Group Tour

    I had a great group recently. They experienced some great stuff while ghost hunting in the Haight. They wanted me to join them at the haunted bar but I had a paranormal case I need to get to. Sometimes I think how blessed I am to teach people how to ghost hunt and to actually investigate with folks in a proper way.  They wanted to talk about the Ghosts of Alcatraz.  They said it would be great for them to do a Alcatraz Ghost Tour.  I explained they don't have one. They were surprised. I was not. They don't talk a lot about the ghosts there.  I asked them now that I showed them how to ghost hunt, would they want to ghost hunt all the time? Some said if they could ghost hunt like they do on TV.   Ghost hunting can be boring too. Somedays it happens and other days you get nothing. It is that 10% that is real ghosts. 

  • Happy Halloween From Haunted Haight | Tonight we are ghost hunting!

    This has been an amazing year. I cannot believe that it is Halloween already. We have a nice group tonight and we have some new ghost hunting tools I will be introducing. I think showing people how to properly use ghost hunting tools is so important.  I worry sometimes if there may be tours that just run around with tools and really don't understand them. I have been seeing that in other cities when I go on ghost tours. People run around with dowsing rods and try to make people think there are ghosts. I am happy with my tour you really can understand how to be a ghost hunter in San Francisco. If you want to come on the tour, I can show you properly how to use this stuff. I think people need to be careful to just ghost hunt on a ghost tour in San Francisco without a professionally trained  ghost hunter. This is not a joke. When you deal in other realms, be respectful. 


    I was happy to see that they did an article about the tour. I wish they would have talked a bit more about the ghost hunting tools we used but I am not going to complain about free press. It has been exciting investigating all these cases of ghosts and more and more are coming in. I think I may need more volunteers to handle the many San Francisco ghost hunts we have been up to.  Please read the article by clicking here. If you'd like to come on The Haunted Haight Walking Tour we would love to show you all those ghost tools and do some San Francisco Ghost Hunting. 

  • WOW! We were featured on CNET.

    San Francisco Ghost Society was featured on CNET. Thanks to member Sharon Leong for going over some of the San Francisco Ghost Hunter tools with CNET.  Sharon is our Media expert and really knows a lot about The Haunt of San Francisco equipment. Great job and so exciting. Here is a link if you want to read the article.