• What Puts The Haunt In The Haunted Haight SF San Francisco Ghost Hunting Tour?

    There are certianly older parts of the city than the Haight-Ashbury. It was not part of the Gold rRush of 1849. Part of the underdeveloped Western part of the city, it was a place that you would bury your dead. It once had many cemeteries but they were removed due to the city wanting to expand.  The Haight-Ashbury district started as a middle class neighborhood around 1890.  Golden gate park was commisioned in 1870 and within 20 years it was a huge success for San Francisco. People wanted a more quiet place to raise their children away from the busier parts of the city. 

    Access to Golden Gate Park allowed homes to start being built in this part of the city once thought of as "too cold to inhabit." This once called "Wastelands" was now becoming quite popular as a sort of suburbia area of San Francisco.  The area grew and certianly had its share of tragedies.  Later, by the 1960's it became a place of love and peace for the hippy generation and had it's share of famous rock stars like Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and bands like Jefferson Airplane and The Grateful Dead. 

    The "Summer of Love" was a wonderful idea but there was a sinister side to that time too. Drugs played a key role in a lot of the tragedy that took place there at the time. The area had way too many runaways looking for a part in the incredible era. The neighborhood could not substain all those new people and several ened up on the streets and were murdered, committed suicide or overdosed. 

    The 1970's was a time people referred to the area as "The HATE." I have uncovered countless articles of murders, suicides and overdoses there.  These intense energies have lingered in the Haight and several ghost stories have developed because of them.  We hope you may consider joining us on of our Haunted SF San Francisco tours here in The Haunted Haight Walking Tour. We would love to spend the evening with you on your very own San Francisco SF Ghost Hunting Excursion Adventure Tour! 


  • Happy Halloween Everyone! Happy Ghost Hunting Tours

    What an amazing Halloween. I have not written in a while. Covid 19 was so hard but things seem a bit better so I decided to make this blog public. I wanted to share it with the world.  We are redesigning the whole website and hopefully this blog will launch on it when we are done with all the design and coding.  I have introduced so much more high tech equipment on our San Francisco Ghost Hunting Tour in the Haight. I was sold out every night. The last Halloween in 2020 we were only allowed 12 people total per night. It was so wonderful seeing everyone and letting them ghost hunt properly and safely with an authentic paranormal investigator. I look forward to more fun and real paranormal evidence. I have solved a mystery on one of the stops and so excited to tell people the discoveries. Come on the tour folks, we'd love to have you. 



    I was happy to see that they did an article about the tour. I wish they would have talked a bit more about the ghost hunting tools we used but I am not going to complain about free press. It has been exciting investigating all these cases of ghosts and more and more are coming in. I think I may need more volunteers to handle the many San Francisco ghost hunts we have been up to.  Please read the article by clicking here. If you'd like to come on The Haunted Haight Walking Tour we would love to show you all those ghost tools and do some San Francisco Ghost Hunting.