• Why Does Haunted Haight Walking Tour Continue To Be The BEST Ghost Tour and True Crime Experience in SF?

    This has been a busy and amazing summer for the Haunted Haighttm Walking tour and Haunted Haighttm Pub Crawl.  We have more tours coming too! 

     I ask people on every tour, what made them choose my tour over the others? Most people tell me my credentials and that I am a real ghost hunter with television shows that I starred in.  Not just some appearance on someone's show. Not to mention that my book is coming out this Fall. I cannot wait for the book tour, 

    People know authenticity. They know that my stories are researched and investigated by me, not taken off the internet or swiped from other people's research. 

    I appreciate that people DO understand that just about anything and everything is claimed on the internet.  Just because it says something on the internet, doesn’t make it true. People do really understand that.

    My  credentials allow me the greatest edge over my competition, and it really seems to show this year.  People seem to know that an authentic experience can only be obtained with a real paranormal investigator and not just hype.  I am so glad that people are not fooled by internet SEO manipulation. 

    Tour guests love my authentic experience because NO other tour has that real experience with the supernatural like we do.

    We also have smaller intimate tours. The ghost hunting tour has a maximum of 14 people. We don't go out with a huge group. We limit our tours, and this is most appreciated by people.  

    We have been doing lots of private tours and corporate event tours too.  It is not about how much money we can make. It is about giving you a paranomal experience like no other tour.  Good luck experiencing the paranormal with 30 people on your tour. LOL   Thank you everyone, this summer has been incredible. You are all the reason we have been in business for 19 years. Keep those private tours coming folks. We love what we do! Integrity and honesty is everything and thank you for noticing our commitment to excellence. Get tickets at hauntedhaight.com

  • Happy Halloween From Haunted Haight | Tonight we are ghost hunting!

    This has been an amazing year. I cannot believe that it is Halloween already. We have a nice group tonight and we have some new ghost hunting tools I will be introducing. I think showing people how to properly use ghost hunting tools is so important.  I worry sometimes if there may be tours that just run around with tools and really don't understand them. I have been seeing that in other cities when I go on ghost tours. People run around with dowsing rods and try to make people think there are ghosts. I am happy with my tour you really can understand how to be a ghost hunter in San Francisco. If you want to come on the tour, I can show you properly how to use this stuff. I think people need to be careful to just ghost hunt on a ghost tour in San Francisco without a professionally trained  ghost hunter. This is not a joke. When you deal in other realms, be respectful. 

  • Spending a Night Ghost Hunting With The Bold Italic

    Bold Italic decided to come talk about ghosts and ghost hunting in San Francisco. We talked all about the tools and my experience. It was a great time. Here is the article. CLICK HERE. 

    Do you want to ghost hunt like they do on TV?  BOOK NOW