Why do people think K2 EMF Readers ARE GOOD EVIDENCE?

    Stop using EMF readers like the only and best Ghost Tool - Please.

    I keep seeing more and more people using these K2 meters and having people believe they are great evidence. I have used them on my own Haunted Haight San Francisco Ghost Hunting Tour. They are a classic tool, however I warn people to not use them as evidence but to use them to disprove ghosts. They can be good tools if used indoors properly, but most people do not use them properly. You can't use them on the streets outside because they pick up EVERYTHING including your phone! They don't make good evidence outside. Period. Why do I know this? I have studied and used Ghost Hunting tools for 20+ years. I have lectured about ghost hunting tools and have operated The San Francisco Ghost Society for many years. I have worked with all the tools you see on TV in the field personally. I think you can take my word of advice on this one. LOL

    Professional ghost hunters know when to use them and why you should keep them as a tool to disprove ghosts. It bothers me when anyone can say, "I am ghost hunter," or "We are  paranormal investigators," Well, what qualifies you for that? What are your credentials? Have you appeared on TV as a ghost hunter? How many cases of helping families who need you in the darkness of their paranormal hell have you done? On the internet you can say anything or be anybody.  I am a proud paranormal investigtor with the credentials and proof to back myself up. www.sfghostsociety.org

      I hope people start to look hard at who they are dealing with when going out and exploring the paranormal.  I have been ghost hunting over two decades and I think the internet just lets anybody make all kinds of tall claims. I just hope folks can do their research and scratch beneath the surface of these so called "paranormal investigators" and "ghost hunters."  Ghost hunting is not fully accepted and I have spend my whole life trying to have people respect it and gain knowledge. It really bothers me when I see all these people who just want to make money off it. That is sad.  I hope you consider our tour. We will show you an authentic paranormal tour. www.hauntedhaight.com, 


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