Wild SF Crime and Ghost Tour comes on Haunted Haight to learn How To Use Ghost Tools...

    Good morning everyone! It was an interesting tour last night. I had Wes Leslie and his crew from WILD SF tours attend The Haunted Haight Walking Tour.  It was a great time. I did some ghost hunting at a real haunted location with them. It was quite the hands on ghost hunting tools experience. Many people experience things there.  I showed them a few of the very basic tools that ghost hunters use in a paranormal investigation. WILD SF does a crime and haunting tour downtown. They were very fascinated by the handheld EMF readers called the K2. I had to explain to them how it works. They are in the TV shows a lot. I don't take them as great evidence.  I did have to warn Wes and the other 9 guests that this is not the best tool to use to find ghosts, we use EMF readers to disprove ghosts most of the time.  Yes, you can communicate with the tool, however I would NEVER trust it outdoors. There are more sophsticated items that are custom built tools we use that give much more real results. Well, this is the life of a genuine ghost hunter. I can teach folks but they need to apply the skills I taught them. I hope he doesn't start using EMF readers on HIS tour because I wouldn't recommend them for ghost hunting on the sidewalks. I think a worse tool to use is dowsing rods. Don't get me started on that. I prefer audio, video and historical evidence myself.  I hope  to see you folks on the Haunted Haight Walking Tour.  www.hauntedhaight.com  


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