Frequently Asked Questions

Why do other San Francisco ghost tours say they are "the original hands on" or the "only real" ghost hunting tour in San Francisco? Is that true?

Great Question! We have been in business since 2004. We ARE the original hands on ghost gear hunting tools tour of San Francisco. We've been taking people ghost hunting in the Haight-Ashbury with real paranormal equipment for almost two decades.  In fact, we showed some more expensive ghost tours, how to use ghost-hunting equipment when they came on OUR TOUR!  

Those other so-called "only real ghost tours" just don't have the paranormal knowledge, credentials or access to the high-tech REAL ghost gear (that you see on Televison Shows) like us. Why? Because we have been on those TV shows. We are actual paranormal investigators operating a REAL  paranormal organization. It disappoints us that they falsely make such claims.

We are the only Ghost Hunting and True Crime Excursion Tour that is operated by real paranormal investigators in San Francisco, that have been on those TV shows!  We certainly like folks to try other ghost tours in San Francisco, however, we do not like to tolerate false claims and hype because that just hurts the paranormal research field. Remember, we are actual paranormal investigators who research the paranormal full-time. We are not a tour company hiring strangers with a script.  We ONLY do paranormal ghost-hunting tours. We pride ourselves on our integrity and experience, not to just making a quick buck. 

Is there more than just ghost hunting on this tour?

Yes! We talk about the macabre history of the area and even let you visit infamous denizens places who once call the Haight-Ashbury home. 

Are you professional tour guides?

Yes. We have are licensed by the city and county of san Francisco. We have been public speaking for 20+ years. We have lectured about the paranormal at San Francsico city libraries and other paranormal events. 

What is your background on ghosts and the paranormal?

Your hosts are REAL paranormal investigators and operate The San Francisco Ghost Society. ( We have over 20+years experience in paranormal investigations and have worked hundreds of cases of the paranormal. in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond! We are the ONLY ghost hunting tour in San Francisco with these credentials. No other tour can offer you this. 

How did you gather your facts for your tour?

The ghost stories you hear are original copyrighted researched tales of real paranormal phenomena. Your tour guides worked closely with resources from the San Francisco Public Library’s History Center, City Hall and the Police Department records to create this tour. Residents also came forward with stories of their places being haunted and your guides has investigated them through The San Francsico Ghost Society. This is a real look at hauntings in the Haight. 

How long is the tour?

The tour is approximately 2 hours. There are no hills on this tour. 

What makes your ghost stories better than other ghost tours?

There are other ghost hunting tours that tell you the same tales that every tour will.  We are the only ghost tour that has all original stories that are copyrighted by us because we have researched and investigated every story you hear on the tour. We are the only tour with real paranormal investigators that are well respected and known throughout the paranormal community. You don't hear these tales anywhere else. 


Do we go into the haunted locations on the tour?

The walking tour does not go into the personal residences of these haunted places. However, the tour does end at a haunted pub that allows patrons to enter with proof of COVID vaccination. 

Will I be scared?

Some people can find the stories frightening and macabre. This is not a “spook house” attraction where people are hidden throughout the walk to jump out and scare you.You will use professional grade ghost gear and the results can be a bit scary, 

Should I bring a jacket on the tour?

Yes. We recommend bringing a jacket. The Haight-Ashbury is part of what is called the "fog belt" and evenings are usually pretty chilly. 

Can I take pictures or video on the tour?

Still pictures are allowed but NO VIDEO TAPING PLEASE. We do ask that you respect the resident’s who courageously gave the tour their ghost stories.

Where can I park if I am driving?

Street parking is available if you can be patient. The Haight-Ashbury does not have ample parking. However, with a little patience you can find a spot. Make sure you allow plenty of time for parking. If you would like to park in a PUBLIC PAID PARKING LOT…there is one available on Stanyan Street between Waller and Frederick.

How do I get to the tour on public transportation?

The tour is accessible by public transportation. Please go to for transit information. Take Muni # 7 or #6 on Market Street to Masonic Avenue.

What are the dates, time and starting place?

The tour starts at Coffee To The People - located at 1206 Masonic Avenue (cross street is Haight) at 7pm Sharp! WE MUST LEAVE ON TIME. Please visit our ticket vendor for available dates at ...Please check dates at the ticket vendor site.

Do you allow pets?

Well-behaved pets are encouraged on the tour since there is a stop in two public parks. San Francisco law requires all pets to be leashed.

What if I am in a wheelchair?

The tour does have wheelchair ramps on all corners of the walk.

Are there any hills on the tour?


There are NO HILLS on this tour. Yes, I repeat there are no upward hills on this tour! :)

Do you accept cash or check?

The Haunted Haight Walking Tour does not accept personal checks. The preferred method of payment is credit or debit card through our ticket supplier at .

Why do I need advance tickets for the tour?

The tour includes a chance to win fun and spooky prizes so we must make sure we have enough prizes based on the group.

What is the minimum age for kids on the tour?

We recommend kids be 13 and older for this tour.  It is not recommended for children under 13 because some of the stories and information deal with death, suicide, and spooky stuff.  However, we leave this up to the parent(s) to decide if they wish to bring children under 13 years old. No children's kid discounts are available.

What is there to do off the beaten path in San Francisco?

Our real ghost hunting tour is one of the best kept secrets in San Francisco! Come early and enjoy the many amazing shops and eateries in the Haight Ashbury.