All tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable and if you am late for a tour and we have left Haunted Haight™ Tour will not issue a refund. Please be on time. 


You understand that it is the sole discretion of the Haunted Haight™ tour host to determine if they feel you need to no longer participate in a paid tour. Reasons for no longer participating and asked to leave are, but not limited to, being too intoxicated, harassing fellow tour goers or the host, sexual harassment of any kind, any form of hate speech, starting arguments, being disrespectful to guests or host. You agree to a “safe space” during the tour. 


You understand attending a Haunted Haight™ Tour has an assumption of risks. You understand that by purchasing tickets and participating in a Haunted Haight™ Tour, you are doing so at your own risk. These risks can include bodily injury, paranormal experiences, spiritual possession, levitation, body dismemberment, self-alcoholic intoxication for guests 21 and older at legal drinking establishments, falling, tripping, uneven sidewalks, vehicle traffic, obstacles, earthquakes, rain, hail, unusual weather, or even death.

You understand that by purchasing tickets and participating in Haunted Haight™ Tours you release any liability and lawsuits against Haunted Haight™ tours and its owner, subcontractors, homeowners, businesses, or any other associates with the Haunted Haight™ Tours.  You understand these risks and freely waive these rights to attend Haunted Haight™ Tours.


 You understand that all Haunted Haight™Tours “content” and equipment is owned by Haunted Haight™Tours owner. The term “content” refers to all materials on the website HauntedHaight.com and SFGhostSociety.org and also includes, but is not limited to, orally and written stories on and/or off Haunted Haight™ Tours, prints, handouts, media, audio both on and offline, or any other content used on the Haunted Haight™ tours or its websites hauntedhaight.com and sfghostsociety.org. You understand that all “content” is fully protected, and we claim all ownership to “content.”  You agree to not make any of Haunted Haight™ Tours “content” public by any form, including but not limited to social media, blogs, podcasts, newspapers, online and/or print, without the sole permission of Haunted Haight™Tours.  You understand that I cannot use any of Haunted Haight™ Tours "content" to create or open a competing tour with any of Hanted Haight™ Tours content. I understand that if I do not get permission for “use” of Haunted Haight™Tours said “content,” that legal action can and/or will be brought against you and if any legal action is enforced, you understand that Haunted Haight™Tours owner has the right to sue for damages and violations of these "Terms of Service" and all court costs resulting from any violation of these "Terms of Service." I understand that Haunted Haight™ Tours reserves the right to change these terms of service at any time. 

You will have tp read and agree to the above terms when purchasing and/or participating on  a Haunted Haight™ Tour.